The power of Positive Thinking; How to be more Bob The Builder!

Woman jumping and smiling in her netball kit with a rainbow in the sky

5 min read What do you notice about these comments from recent life coaching conversations? ‘If I can’t even get that right, how can I ask for a pay rise now?’ ‘I’m a generalist in my company – I do a bit of everything, so I’m not ‘expert’ in any one thing,’   There might […]

What is Life Coaching and why you should consider it!

Positive words associated with Life Coaching

5 minute read   I get asked this question a lot by people who have never experienced coaching. So if you are; New to coaching (Life Coaching or otherwise), or; You’ve had coaching by a manager who isn’t trained (plenty of them!), or; Sceptical of it..   …this is for YOU. What is Life Coaching? […]

5 reasons you feel stuck in life or work

Midlife woman with glasses, feels stuck in life or career

Do you feel stuck? You’re not alone. Many of us do – on a daily basis! But when it feels significant or endless it can make you feel miserable. Whether it’s work or life, feeling stuck can look like; Really wanting something but losing motivation. Like; a new job,  moving house Endlessly worrying about things […]