3 Brilliant Benefits of Walking in Nature on Mental Health and Wellbeing

Midlife woman walking with her younger daughter and dog. She is making a face at the photographer

5-7 min read with research and links   Ever Noticed How You Feel After Walking in Nature?   Walking in nature has brilliant benefits on our mental health and wellbeing and it’s so simple and effective. It helps us; Clear our mind Solve problems Feel better, feel happier   So what’s happening to us on […]

5 Reasons You Feel Stuck in Life or Work

Midlife woman with glasses, feels stuck in life or career

First published 5 May 2022 and updated January 2023 5 minute read. Do you feel stuck? You’re not alone. Many of us do – on a daily basis! But when it feels significant or endless it can make you feel miserable and this is one of the main reasons people come to Life Coaching with […]

Feeling stressed? Want to feel more in control? Refocus with this

3-4 minute read plus exercise   Thoughts buzzing round your head? A To-Do list longer than your arm?   In the run-up to the festive period many of us will have a lot on and although some pressure is good, too much can leave you feeling stressed or inadequate. You know that I go for […]

Get Outdoors for your Wellbeing this Autumn; 4 Easy Tips for the Cold Months

Autumn trees reflecting on water

3-4 min read with free resources   We know that looking after our physical, mental health and wellbeing ‘should’ be a priority yet to get outdoors in Autumn or Winter can feel hard. Some of us will reduce or stop spending time outdoors because it’s easier to stay indoors where it’s warm and dry. We […]